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fiore michele

“I love Silver State Confidential.  It reminds me of a political reality show.  It’s a reality blog on steroids!”
Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Las Vegas
“Chuck Muth grabs onto stories like a pit bull, and when he takes ownership of a story it’s best to leave it to him.”
Watchdog Wag blogger Mike Zahara of Las Vegas
Stock, Alan
“I appreciate Silver State Confidential and how you stay on top of Nevada issues that affect all of us in Nevada.  There’s nothing like this on the internet and Chuck is a valuable voice for common sense and reason.”
Conservative talk-show host Alan Stock of Las Vegas
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“I am addicted Silver State Confidential!  It’s the best place to find accurate information on local politics here in Nevada.  And….it’s entertaining as well.”
Barbara Teixeira of Las Vegas
Elissa Wahl
“I get all my important political news from Silver State Confidential!  Chuck works very hard at staying in the know and sharing with his readers – in his blunt, sarcastic and truthful way – everything we need to know.  I can’t wait to open his email every day!”
Elissa Wahl of Las Vegas
“I look forward to Silver State Confidential as much as I do to The Weekly Standard.  The writing is just as good, and funnier!”
Randy Mackie of Las Vegas
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“Chuck, thank God we have you to keep us informed about our turn-coat, so-called Republicans because most of us reading Silver State Confidential do not have the contacts to find out about the full, true story.  Keep up the great work and never give up.”
Larry Scheffler of Las Vegas
Ty Cobb
“Chuck Muth is one of the best writers in the state–always entertaining, quite incisive, and often controversial. Just to the right of Attila in some of his opinions! I find that I might disagree with him as much as I agree, but consider his columns a must read.”
Former Reagan official Tyrus Cobb of Reno
“To describe Chuck and Silver State Confidential in one word… AWESOME!”
Bill Douglas of Winnemucca
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“I love Silver State Confidential.  It is, without doubt, my favorite reading on political topics here in the Silver State.  It keeps me better informed on Nevada politics than any source I read and I learn something new with every issue.  Indispensable!”
Jeffrey Purtee of Reno
“I personally appreciate a man who is not only smart and knowledgeable about his passion–NV politics–but is not afraid to speak out.  Not too many men with cojones these days.  You are also funny which allows Silver State Confidential readers to digest some information easier when it is hard to swallow.  Thanks for your work Chuck.”
Barbara Davis of Nevada
“Chuck!   Thank you so much for keeping me informed with Silver State Confidential.  What I see and hear from our elected officials turns out to be not what we are getting.”
Merlin Hafen of Mesquite
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“If you want to know what’s happening in conservative politics, Chuck is the ‘go to’ guy.   He is one of the most principled writers around.  In today’s world of politics you can laugh, or cry…or you can keep irritating liberals.  I love that about Chuck!”
Jerry Littman of Las Vegas
“Silver State Confidential is one of the primary sources of Nevada political information that I subscribe to.   The write-ups are very timely, which I really like.   I enjoy most of the linked articles and almost always use them.  I like the format, easy to follow.  Well written.  Usually straight and to the point.  I like the sense of humor that shines through — while it is often a serious subject,  it is nice to see one can keep things a bit on the light side.”
Iris Stone of Las Vegas
“I enjoy getting Chuck’s take on things in Silver State Confidential even when I do not agree with him.”
Sherry Dilley of Minden
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“Silver State Confidential is always the FIRST thing I read when I open my email.  There’s no better source,  online or otherwise, where true conservatives can get the most accurate reporting of political events affecting all Nevadans.  I enjoy his insightful comments and witty observations.  Chuck Muth is the absolute best at irritating liberals!”
Wes Brummitt of Las Vegas
“Silver State Confidential is insightful, truthful and riveting and tells conservatives what they won’t read in the mainstream papers!   The ‘true north’ of conservative information in Nevada.”
Linda Barnett of Carson City
Jim Clark
“Silver State Confidential is my daily read.  Chuck Muth has incredible intelligence resources – both liberal and conservative – and he relates timely and interesting political information to his subscribers with an engaging literary style.”
Jim Clark of Incline Village
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“Silver State Confidential is sharp and to the point and cuts to the chase like a hot knife through butter.  More entertaining writing would be really hard to find.  And Chuck spares no one, not even politicians he likes if they betray their principles.  He pulls no punches and clearly has a lot of fun doing it!  But he will eat crow when the situation calls for it.  I admire his integrity and honesty.  I frequently find out news from Chuck before I get it anywhere else.”
Michelle Mueller of Las Vegas
“I highly value the Silver State Confidential simply because there is no place else that I can get the ‘behind the scenes’ information on what is going on in the conservative movement—and the government–in the State of Nevada.  Chuck Muth is a tireless advocate of all things conservative, and his vast knowledge of the people, players and the ‘conservative scene’ in Nevada is invaluable to me in helping me keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in state politics.  I join him in his efforts to be the ‘No. 1 irritant to liberals’ here in Nevada, although nobody else could possibly come close to Chuck!”
Steve Dennis of Las Vegas
“Silver State Confidential has been the best subscription I’ve had in a long time.  It keeps me posted about what is really going on in Nevada politics and definitely accomplishes Chuck’s mission to irritate liberals – and it does it in a very sharp, witty and sometimes comical manner.  I look forward to opening my email each and every day hoping to catch the latest Silver State Confidential.”
Tim Koch of Las Vegas
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“I have always enjoyed reading Silver State Confidential because it contains interesting tidbits of information we can’t get anywhere else!  I can always count on some humor – which is much needed in today’s political climate – and some real facts!  I wish this type of information was available somewhere else, but…it just is..NOT!    I am really glad I subscribed and will continue to do so!”
Vicky Dooling of Las Vegas
“Silver State Confidential gives me  background on the people and events making Nevada news today. I take it from there to form my own opinion.  Thanks Chuck.”
Mary Begany of Las Vegas
Swadeep Nigam
“Silver State Confidential is the most unbiased straightforward conservative political commentary in Nevada. All conservative should be indebted to Chuck for exposing elected RINOs for their liberal voting records.  Keeps the conservative movement rolling.”
Swadeep Nigam of Las Vegas
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“Chuck is one of the few conservative Republicans willing to take on the RINOs in our party.  He researches his stories in Silver State Confidential well and is very consistent with his positions on the issues.  No one else reports the infighting the way he does and constantly exposes phonies.  And sadly there are a lot of them.”
Ron Noonoo of Las Vegas
Phil Perine
“Silver State Confidential is an amazing source of fast breaking information on what’s happening in the Nevada political scene. Whether you agree or disagree with Chuck on a given issue, you can always count on him for unvarnished facts and opinions.”
Phil Perine of Las Vegas
“I am well informed on national politics by listening to conservative radio shows and local politics by attending Lyon County Republican Central Committee meetings. But I did not feel very well informed on the state level until I started reading Silver State Confidential.”
Mitch Burns of Lyon County
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“When I want to know what is really happening in Nevada politics I read Silver State Confidential.  Widely liked (and widely ‘not liked’), Chuck knows the players and has no trouble telling his readers how the players are playing.  When a ‘solid conservative’ breaks bad, Chuck is there to let us and the player know at least they are being watched.  Chuck reminds us frequently who tells the truth and who has decided to make a break for personal glory and advancement at the expense of principle.”
Michael Clifford, MD of Las Vegas
Dwight Mazzone
“Silver State Confidential provides cutting edge info I can’t find any place else.  Blunt – but the kind of blunt we need today.  The conservatives’ guide to what’s going on NOW in Nevada.”
Dwight Mazzone, CDHC of Las Vegas
“Silver State Confidential is worth every penny.  The insider information is priceless and the gossip alone is worth the price of admission.  Gut busting laughs and news before it’s news from a man who takes the pulse of Nevada’s political scene.   Don’t miss out!”
Sherry Dilley of Minden

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